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(Pocket-lint) - A new trend is sweeping across Facebook and this time it doesn't require you to stand in a garden and have ice-cold water poured over your head. Instead, you can take part sat at your computer or out and about using a smartphone or tablet. And you only have to click a couple of options.

Facebook users are nominating each other to repost their first ever profile picture. That's it. There's no charity involved - unlike the ALS ice bucket challenge or the no-makeup selfies - so no money changes hands for good or otherwise. And in most cases, it's not even shocking or, dare we say it, interesting.

After all, Facebook only started around 11 years ago and wasn't really widely adopted for some considerable time after that. How different can someone look after just six or so years?

Nonetheless, like all trends on Facebook you will no doubt be asked to take part at some point. And it more than likely will stretch to Twitter too, so be prepared to suffer the ridicule when everybody realises that you're just a little bit older these days and probably have a different haircut. Or something.

We reckon a better viral trend would be to post a pre-Facebook picture as your profile on Facebook (if you haven't already). At least that would be a talking point.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 15 January 2015.