(Pocket-lint) - Most people get home from work and check their Facebook profiles, but soon, they'll spend all day checking Facebook.

Facebook is reportedly launching an office-focused app on the web, Android, and iOS. Called Facebook at Work, the new app will try to overhaul communication in the workplace. It'll feel very familiar too, because it's supposedly designed to look and feel like Facebook.

Iconic Facebook features, such as Groups and Messaging, will be at the forefront, along with productivity. There will also be a clear distinction between your work and personal Facebook profiles. It's an interesting strategy, and one that Facebook employees have used for years.

Although Facebook at Work hasn't even launched yet, it's generating a lot of buzz and questions. Pocket-lint of course has answered some of those questions.

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What is Facebook at Work?

Facebook at Work is an upcoming smartphone and web app from Facebook. It's being described as a collaboration tool, because it'll allow you to efficiently communicate with colleagues instead of relying on aging traditional methods such as email.

How old is Facebook at Work?

Facebook has been developing the consumer version in London since at least November, meaning the software is still in its early stages. That said, Facebook employees have been reportedly using an internal version of Facebook at Work for many years.

When will the Facebook at Work app launch?

The Facebook at Work app will launch through app stores on 14 January, according to The Wall Street Journal, as part of a limited launch. Only a few, select companies will initially be able to use the Facebook at Work app and its web interface.

Fewer than a dozen companies have already been testing the service since autumn, and it's now expanding. There's no word yet when Facebook at Work will launch for the public to download and use, but it will be available from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Will Facebook at Work appear similar to Facebook?

Yes. The Wall Street Journal claimed Facebook at Work "looks and feels" similar to Facebook.

Will Facebook at Work show advertisements or track data?

No. Several reports have claimed Facebook at Work won't show adverts, track users or hold their data (which includes not gathering data on corporate users).

Will Facebook at Work cost anything?

Facebook might charge a subscription fee, though the company hasn't confirmed that.

What are some Facebook at Work features?

Facebook at Work will have a focus on Groups, a feature that Facebook believes could replace email lists one day, according to The Wall Street Journal. It's unclear if this Groups feature will be similar to the Groups feature that currently exists in Facebook's social network.

It's assumed that Facebook at Work will also offer some sort of social networking, messaging, and real-time document collaboration.

Will Facebook at Work affect your personal Facebook profile?

No. Whatever you do through Facebook At Work will not show up, change, or even affect your personal Facebook profile.

Why does Facebook at Work matter?

Communication at most workplaces is, to put it mildly, a complicated thing. It sometimes involves video messaging through Skype, chat groups through Slack, lengthy email threads, FTP file-sharing, real-time collaboration in Microsoft Office or Google Docs...the list goes on.

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Facebook at Work could change all that by becoming a one-stop-shop solution: a single interface for all your work-related communication needs.

Writing by Elyse Betters.