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(Pocket-lint) - Update: Facebook has announced that iOS and Android users will no longer be able to log in after 1 September 2017.



Another day, another new app from Facebook.

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It's no secret by now that Facebook wants to own and operate a family of apps. It has acquired popular apps like Instagram and WhatsApp, built clone apps like Slingshot, tried to launch new experiences like Paper and Rooms, and even made Facebook features, such as Messenger, into standalone apps.

While many of these apps look good and have potential, some of them, including Poke and Camera, never quite made an impact and were eventually yanked. Facebook isn't giving up though. In fact, the company has launched yet another new app. And this time around it's based on a feature: Facebook Groups.

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What is Facebook Groups, the Facebook feature?

Facebook Groups have been around for a while.

They act as dedicated spaces, allowing Facebook users to connect with specific people and share updates, photos, and messages among each other. Groups can be public or private, and anyone who joins a group is called a member.

What is Facebook Groups, the app?

The Facebook Creative Labs team developed the Facebook Groups app, and Facebook said it launched the app in order to help people "share faster and more easily with all the groups in their life."

In other words: Facebook likely wanted to highlight and streamline the feature, as well as make it more mobile-friendly.

And whether you and your friends are a bunch of students working on a project - or a collection of family members who now live on opposite ends of the world - the Facebook Groups app can help all of you stay in touch.

How does the app work?

  • Download and open Facebook Groups.
  • You’ll immediately see your Facebook Groups in one place, with the groups you use most frequently at the top.
  • Tap a group icon to open that group, or tap the Create (+) button to start a new group.
  • To view suggested groups based on your likes and friends' groups, navigate to the Discover tab in the menu bar.
  • To view notifications from groups, tap the Notification tab in the menu bar.
  • Under the Settings tab, you can view and track notifications and control which notifications you want to see.

Do Facebook Groups still work on the desktop?

Facebook said you can still use Facebook Groups in the main Facebook app and on desktop.

When will the Facebook Groups app launch?

Facebook Groups is available for Android and iOS devices, in all countries, starting today.

Want to know more?

Check out Facebook's announcement blog post to learn more about the new app.

Writing by Elyse Betters.