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(Pocket-lint) - Facebook has a new feature that's combines RSS-style features with reminders.

Facebook was thought to be developing an alternative to Google Reader earlier this year, and many assumed a new app called Paper was the result of those rumours. Well it looks like the company had something else up its sleeve. Facebook has just unveiled a new feature for its main social network, and it lets you save and even archive things on Facebook for reading later.

Called Save, the new feature is capable of storing everything from links and places to movies and music you may like on Facebook. All you have to do is tap the post once and select Save, and then you will be able to view all your saved stuff through both Facebook's website or mobile app. Only you will see the items you've saved, unless you share them with friends of course.

If you're interested in learning more about Facebook Save, including what you can save, how to save items, and where to locate them through Facebook, continue reading. Pocket-lint has detailed everything you may need to know about the new feature.

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Here's how it works

1. You can save any post you see in your News Feed (such as an article link) or even an entire Facebook page. While browsing the News Feed using the mobile app, simply tap in the bottom right of a post you want to store for later and then select Save. If you're browsing using the Facebook website, click the down arrow in the upper right of a post and then select Save. You can also select the "..." from a Facebook page and then select save.

2. To view or share all of your saved items on Facebook, go to Saved in the left column of the homepage (either from the mobile app or website). You can view saved items by category or all. From here, you can also select Share (when using the Facebook website) in order to share a saved item with your friends. But while using the mobile app, you will need to swipe left, then tap "More", and select "Share in New Post" to share with your friends.

3. Once you're done viewing a saved item, you can archive it to clean up your Saved column. To archive items while using the Facebook website, go to the Saved column. You'll need to hover over the item you want to archive and then select "x" in the top corner. But while using the mobile app, swipe left on any saved item to see the archive option. Keep in mind archiving will still let you retrieve an item at a later time.

4. If you want to get rid of saved items for all of eternity, you will have to permanently delete. Go to the Saved column, then click Archive at the top, and click next to the item you want to permanently delete. Be sure to select Delete on Facebook's website to confirm. Remember: when using the mobile app you can again swipe left to archive. Just swipe left on saved categories, then tap Archive, and swipe left once more on the item to delete.

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Facebook said it will "sometimes show you reminders of your saved items in News Feed". In other words, if you save a post with a link to an article you want to read, Facebook might show you a link to that article at a later date through your News Feed. Think of these posts as reminder alerts - but instead of push notifications they are relavent and embedded in your News Feed.

And finally, Facebook Save will be available to everyone on iOS, Android, and the web over the next few days. You can learn more about the feature by watching the promo video above.

Writing by Elyse Betters.