Facebook is reportedly testing a new card feature through its iOS app.

According to both TechCrunch and The Verge, a small amount of mobile Facebook users will soon see contextual content recommendations after they check-in or post updates on the social network. The trial is limited and hopes to serve up relevant information about places and events to users. And, at first blush, the new feature largely resembles Google Now cards and even mimics some check-in functionality found within the Foursquare social location app.

The feature specifically uses a colour-coding system for buttons, icons, and borders: places are red, birthdays are blue, and photos are in yellow. When you check-in at a local Starbucks, for instance, Facebook will show you a red-themed card packed with information such as friends who have previously checked-in to that Starbucks as well as photos of you with those friends. Eventually, Facebook could even work related ads into the cards.

Facebook hasn't revealed the full picture or even whether it is planning to roll out cards to a wider pool of users, though a Facebook spokesperson has claimed the pilot feature will "help you discover information about where you are or what to do next, or inspire conversations with your friends around you."

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Facebook is clearly switching up its app strategy. Just last week, the social network pulled both its Poke and Camera apps from the App Store, and in February, it published a news-reading app called Paper. And now it is apparently mulling major changes to the main Facebook for iOS app.