Facebook's Paper social-reading app for iPhone is a little more social today, thanks to its first update that is now rolling out and includes improvements to commenting, among other things.

The updated - called version 1.1 - allows Paper to earmark birthdays and events. Specifically, it helps you keep track of important dates with birthday and event notifications. Below your notifications area, you will now see any upcoming important date notifications. Simple, right?

The new update also includes photo comments. You'll notice that each article in Paper has Facebook integration, so you can like, comment, share. Now you can add photo comments. Just tap the camera icon in the comments field - and then upload or snap a photo as a reply.

Another major change involves article covers. Nine of them, to be exact. Paper features custom article covers for your favourite publications, including National Geographic, and now there are more article covers available for publications like Bloomberg News, Vanity Fair, etc.

As for smaller changes, Paper has added unread counts for Facebook Groups. They will allow you to see which groups have new and unread posts. You can view groups and Facebook bookmarks by tapping in the Search field at the top of the main menu.

And finally, Facebook said Paper users "explore an average of 80 stories each day" across five to six sections. Facebook itself is the most popular section, while Headlines is the most read. That's cool and all, but we really wish Facebook had released usage numbers too.

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Although Paper is US only right now, let us know in the comments below if you use it. In Pocket-lint's hands-on of the free app, we described it as an excellent news aggregator that functions well. But we also wondered if there was a need for another Flipboard or Feedly-like app.