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(Pocket-lint) - It's safe to say almost every iPhone user has installed Facebook's app. Similarly, many iPhone users have complained of battery life problems. Coincidence, or not? Two developers working separately think not.

Scott Loveless, an ex-Apple Genius bar employee, has published a blog post to address the numerous battery life complaints he received while working at Apple Retail. Loveless apparently investigated the issue and subsequently discovered that Facebook's app is a major culprit behind the iPhone's battery life issues. It seems the iOS app constantly uses Apple’s location services and background app refresh feature, thus straining the iPhone's 1,560mAh battery.

Sebastian Düvel, a German iOS app developer, also discovered that Facebook's app constantly runs in the background. Not only is the app refreshing/pulling new data at all times to update news feed and posts in real-time, but its Messenger feature requires a full-time connection in order to service voice calling and instant messaging over Wi-Fi in the US and other markets. That means Facebook for iOS is draining battery life on purpose and not by accident.

By now you're probably wondering what you can do to stop Facebook from killing your iPhone's battery (without having to uninstall the main app). Lucky for you, Pocket-lint has provided a step-by-step guide below, as well as some other battery power-saving tips mentioned by Loveless. Keep in mind that some of these tips work for all iOS devices.

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Disable Location Services

1. Open Settings

2. Select Privacy

3. Select Location Services

4. Switch Location Services to off.

Disable Background App Refresh

1. Open Settings

2. Select General

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3. Select Background App Refresh.

4. Switch Background App Refresh to off

here s how to stop facebook from draining your iphone s battery and other power saving tips  image 3

Other battery power-saving tips

Apart from the above two methods, Loveless recommended the following tips for conserving your iPhone's battery life:

1. Stop quitting apps in multitasking - Closing out of apps and then opening them, especially if done often, puts stress on your iPhone's RAM. It's a myth that apps waiting in your multitasking menu are running in the background. According to Loveless, iOS pauses them unless they are playing music, pulling location data, recording, or checking for incoming VOIP calls (like Skype).

2. Disable push email - Apple's Push email feature alerts your device every time you receive an email, and sometimes this causes battery drain (though it depends on email and server settings). Exchange push email can sometimes get stuck in a loop, for instance, and kill a battery within six hours. Loveless said you could prevent this type of situation by changing your Fetch settings, disabling Push on individual accounts, or disabling Push altogether.

3. Disable push on some apps - The Push feature for apps notifies you when you can buy more digital sheep in a farm app, among other things. When it does this, Loveless said it wakes your iPhone for five or more seconds. If this happens 50 times, you're tacking on four or more minutes to your usage time, thereby draining your iPhone battery little by little. Turn off Push notifications for apps you don't care about and you will gain meaningful usage time.

4. Turn off battery percentage - Because the battery percentage meter shows you how much battery life you have left, you might find yourself checking your iPhone often. This action wakes your iPhone and uses battery. Turning this feature off will therefore decrease your urge to check, according to Loveless, subsequently increasing the time your device will last.

5. Enable Airplane Mode in poor service areas - Your iPhone increases antenna power when in an area with bad, patchy, low, or poor signal. This will even happen when you have a strong Wi-Fi connection. That's because your iPhone wants to stay connected enough to receive calls and send texts, but it is also draining battery life to maintain that connection. Turn on AirPlane Mode to stop this endless cycle. You can still keep on Wi-Fi too.

(Note: Loveless said you could also disable the cellular data portion of your signal. Doing this will block the endless search for data but allow you to receive phone calls and a connection through Wi-Fi.)

And that's it. Let us know in the comments if you have other battery power-saving tips and tricks.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 8 April 2014.