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(Pocket-lint) - Facebook is 10 years old today. We felt as old writing that as you did reading it, don't worry. To celebrate its decade online Facebook has created a Look Back feature. This automatically cuts a video of your life.

Simply sign in at facebook.com/lookback and you'll be met with a video tailored to you. It's more of a montage than a video which goes through photos, big moments and status updates.


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The automated video compiles about 15 of your most liked photos, statuses and life events and slaps on a soundtrack for good measure. It's nice to be reminded of moments you might have forgotten, all be it in a cheesy way.

The Look Back feature was created by a small team at Facebook which spent the past few months crafting the videos and ensuring the site could handle it.

Nick Kwiatek, lead engineer on the project, says Look Back is one of the Facebook's biggest video projects of all time: "One of the things that motivated us was that there's really only a handful of companies that could take on something like this — that could render videos for as many people as we can."

Head over to facebook.com/lookback to check out yours now.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.