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(Pocket-lint) - Facebook has begun to test its Graph Search product within its iOS and Android applications, the company has confirmed.

The change was first noticed by Mashable reporter Seth Fiegerman, who tweeted a screenshot of the interface that looks very similar to Graph Search found on the web.


Graph Search was launched in limited testing by Facebook in January 2013 and available to all users in June 2013 on desktop. It is designed to let you filter through all the content you are connected to on Facebook and find the relevant information and images you want or need. 

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facebook testing graph search on its ios and android apps as mobile becomes king image 2

During Facebook's fourth quarter earnings call, CEO Mark Zuckerburg said: "We're really early in the game on [Graph Search]. You can see that because we haven't even really rolled out our mobile version of Graph Search yet and we're a mobile company. Pretty soon, you should expect us to roll out the mobile version of this. I think that's going to be an important step because most of the usage of Facebook overall is on mobile."

Facebook further said it now has 945 million monthly active users on mobile, which is a 39 per cent increase over the year-ago quarter. As Facebook's user base becomes more mobile attached, it's a necessity for Facebook to move Graph Search past just the desktop.

Zuckerburg's "pretty soon" words on Graph Search are here sooner than expected, even though the testing on mobile on a very limited basis. It's not clear when it may launch to the public.

Writing by Jake Smith.