Facebook has revealed details for Paper, it's story and news aggregation app that will initially be released in the US for iPhone on 3 February.

Rather than add another portal to your Facebook profile, like other news feed apps such as Flipboard, Paper presents "stories" from your own Facebook News Feed, plus content curated by the company. This will cover subjects "from photography and sports to food, science and design".

These subjects will be split into sections and you'll be able to personalise your Paper experience to better explore the content you would prefer to see front of house.

Paper also has interesting controls mechanisms built into the app that allow you to explore the content with more "natural movements". Thumbing through stories has been made intuitive, while tilting the phone will allow you to view high-resolution panoramic photos from "corner to corner" and see faces and other details up close.

Videos will autoplay in fullscreen and you can publish stories yourself for others to see.

The app is the first product to come out of Facebook Creative Labs. It will be followed by other new apps that "support the diverse ways people want to connect and share".