In an effort to stay relevant in an ever-changing, socially-connected world, and to possibly better compete against Twitter, Facebook has introduced a new Trending topics feature.

Simply called Trending, the feature will serve up everything that's interesting and relevant to you in a neat, little column on the right side of your News Feed. Unlike Twitter's Trending feature, it won't just show you what the world is gushing about at any given moment. Instead, it's a list of personalised topics with a recent spike in popularity.

Facebook said the list is aggregated by things you're interested in and what is trending across Facebook overall. Each topic has a headline, and clicking on that headline will link you to a post from a friend, a sponsored page, or something relevant.

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Trending is rolling out on the web version of Facebook in select countries. The social network is currently testing it on mobile, too. So, as with many Facebook features, don't expect to see it straightaway (at least on all your devices, anyway).