Last year, Facebook launched a feature that gave you a focused look at the year past through your own postings, highlighting the 20 most important chosen by its own algorithms. You could also see the most important events in your friends' lives.

Now it's back for 2013, so you can check out what the social network considers to be your crowing glory moments for the year.

To see yours, go to your own profile page on Facebook and you'll see a Year in Review box on the left-hand side, just under the picture banner. Click on "See your 2013 Year in Review" and away you go. Down the bottom of the left-hend column on your own personal 2013 retrospective, there's a box to check out a collection including all your closest friends.

Being honest, we're not entirely sure what algorithms Facebook employs, but the results weren't always what we'd consider our most important moments of the year. We suspect it's based on keywords and number of likes and comments. But at the very least it makes us revisit our normal timeline to scroll back for other memories, which is no bad thing.