Facebook has updated its Graph Search with much needed functionality: the ability to look for posts and status updates. You will now be able to search for status updates, photo captions, check-ins and comments to find things shared with you.

It reminds us of what Twitter has had for quite sometime. You can find wide-ranging topics across the social network. For instance, "Posts about Breaking Bad" would reveal what the world has to say about the series finale. Of course, all of the posting permissions still remain, so if someone sets a status to only be shared with their friends, don't expect to see it in a wide ranging search.

You can also search specifically what your friends have to say with a search like "Posts about Dancing with the Stars by my friends”. Post search can be narrowed down by city, place, or from a certain time. Facebook gives an example like "Posts by my friends from last month" or "Posts written at The White House".

Your own content also becomes easier to navigate. “Posts I commented on” or “My posts from last year" are permissible search terms. It appears that Facebook is going for a Google Now-like way of searching, using natural speech to yield results.

Facebook Graph Search was first unveiled in March 2013 and was released subsequently to all users in July 2013. It's a semantic search engine, searching based on intended meaning. Rather than returning results based on matching keywords, Graph Search is programmed to match phrases.

Facebook says Monday's Graph Search update is "rolling out slowly to a small group of people who currently have Graph Search and we will continue to improve this experience by listening to feedback".