Facebook announced on Monday that users can now book tables and make reservations at restaurants via Facebook's mobile apps. When navigating to the Facebook Page for a restaurant, a user will see a space to change the date and time and adjust the party size - a pretty easy process if you ask us. 

Facebook is partnering with service OpenTable for the feature, offering reservations for over 20,000 restaurants in North America. Using OpenTable, reservations are free to end users, while the company charges monthly and per-reservation fees for their use of the system. 

Apart from the announcement, Facebook on Monday rolled out an update to its iOS with the reservation feature. The update has yet to be released for Android users. Also included in the update is further support for hashtags, allowing users to search for hashtags and directly tap on the hashtag link. Furthermore, Facebook is bragging "faster loading and a cleaner design for timelines on iPad."

Lastly, iOS users will now see TV listing information on US primetime TV and movie Pages. Listings will be based on your current time zone and include the channel name, air time and a description of the show or movie playing.