Facebook announced on Monday that it would publicly roll out a new-and-improved Graph Search to all US users over the next few weeks.

The social network launched an initial beta of Graph Search in January, enabling users to browse relevant people, photos and over 1 trillion connections. If Facebook users search for "Photos of New York," for instance, they will see photos their friends took there and shared with them. They'll even see some public photos, too. 

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Facebook said "tens of millions of people" had helped bolster Graph Search through feedback, and now it's ready for prime time. Along with the rollout, Facebook has refined the product's speed, query understanding and ability to serve up relevant results. It's even made the search box's interface easier to see and use. 

"This is just the beginning," wrote Facebook on its official newsroom blog. "We're currently working on making it easier for people to search and discover topics, including posts and comments. We’re also working on getting mobile Graph Search ready."

All US English users should start seeing their search box automatically updated, along with a notice on the home page and a reminder about how to control what's shared and with whom.