Facebook launched stickers for its mobile apps in May, and now it has introduced them to web in Messages. 

Facebook's beloved - and somewhat quirky - stickers first appeared within Facebook Home. They are similar to emojis made popular in texting, only they are much bigger and can include animations. Facebook has pre-loaded two sets of stickers for web, including smileys and cats, at launch. 

To add a sticker with a web browser on desktop, log into Facebook and tap the smiley icon in the compose box of Messages.  Then select a sticker and tap to insert into the private conversation. A store is also available for those who want to buy premium stickers or download more free sets.

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Check out Facebook's Messenger app to see the mobile version as well. The ability to add stickers is quite similar: tap the smiley in the text box, select one, and then tap to insert.

Facebook stickers are available on the web for at least some US-based users starting today. Let us know in the comments if the feature is live in the UK too.