Facebook comments are now a bit more...graphic.

The social network added a new camera button that enables users to reply to posts and other comments with pictures uploaded from their computers.

The Next Web first reported the change on Wednesday, but the feature is now live and rolling out to mobile and desktop users worldwide. The Verge said Facebook's mobile apps could only view photo comments, though, as the ability to upload from mobile will arrive later.

It's a small addition, but the new functionality will probably bolster Facebook's user-engagement level. It's a much-needed feature, too, in world where memes, viral media and GIFs are quickly dominating the internet. 

Speaking of GIFs, unlike Google+, Facebook comments currently do support animated images.  

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Facebook's latest update follows other improvements like clickable hashtags that enable users to search for and group discussions about a topic just as they can with Twitter, Instagram, Tumble and Pinterest. 

The change also comes a day ahead of Facebook's mysterious 20 June event, where the company will allegedly unveil a new Vine-like video service.