Facebook could be planning to launch its own version of Google Reader, which is due to shut down on 1 July. A developer has noticed mentions of RSS feeds in Facebook's code, hinting at the possibility of a reader launch.

The developer, Tom Waddington, spotted the RSS code which links up with a user's Facebook ID. Speaking to TechCrunch, Waddington said: "It's exactly what you'd code to start up a Google Reader clone."

Most aren't hugely happy with the death of Google Reader, so a Facebook replacement could do extremely well, especially when you consider how social and share-orientated it could end up being.

What the code doesn't make clear is if the content would be pulled in from all over the internet or if it would be Facebook's own. This would be the most important factor in a Google Reader competitor, as content might end up just being feeds of Facebook posts, rather than a customisable news reader.

Either way, there will be a fairly big gap left by Google Reader's absence, so one of the other internet big boys will undoubtedly get involved.