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(Pocket-lint) - Facebook announced Thursday that Facebook Home, the social network's custom Android launcher, passed the 1 million download mark from Google Play. Facebook Home aims to put your friends front and centre, overlaying the traditional Android lockscreen with content. 

Facebook Home was unveiled in early April and made available to five compatible devices when it launched on 12 April. In just 10 days after launch on 22 April, Facebook passed the 500,000 download mark and has now added 500,000 more 20 days later. 

The number of installations can in part be thanked by Facebook running a large amount of ads throughout its network. The ads include a silly video boasting "A boring business trip gets a lot less boring, when Facebook Home brings a guy's friends on the journey with him" and a number of text and image ads. But the number seems low compared to Facebook's native app and Instagram for Android, given it's new on the block.


Facebook hasn't broken down specific download numbers for the devices with which Facebook Home is compatible , which includes the HTC One, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note II. At present the average review on Google Play is 2/5 stars for the software, with many users noting limitations and problems with the software. 

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Facebook has stated its commitment to keeping Home updated and will roll out the first update to the software on 9 May at 6pm EST. The update won't be ginormous, but will fix bugs, according to  Cory Ondrejka, Facebook's director of engineering. Furthermore, Facebook will no longer block users who attempt to sideload the Home software to unsupported devices through hacking. Facebook said 10,000 people attempted this method shortly after Facebook Home launched in mid-April. 

In a future update in the next few weeks, Facebook says it will bring improvements to Chat Heads and the addition of folders for organising applications in a better format. 

Writing by Jake Smith.