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(Pocket-lint) - Manchester City will be the first Premier League football club to install in-stadium Wi-Fi for fans to use during matches.

To be completed in the coming weeks, and definitely by the start of next season, the Etihad Stadium will feature Cisco's Connected Stadium Wi-Fi solution, which will deliver high-speed internet access to fans around the ground. They will then be able to share their live experiences online, via social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, posting pictures and videos of the action.

The Wi-Fi network will be delivered by O2, which will also be installing technology to improve mobile phone signals. Phone network connectivity is often a problem at football grounds and it's not known at present whether fans will have to pay a fee to access the internet service or if it will be provided free by the club.


In addition to the connectivity, Manchester City will be launching StadiumVision Mobile, a streaming service that will offer fans live and instant replay video and relevant statistics and information to their mobile devices. There will be multiple channels of content, with prospective ideas including a replay channel, alternative view angles from cameras around the ground and a dynamic data channel - including competitions and games.

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"As a club that is passionate about innovation and prides itself on constantly looking for ways to enhance our supporters' experience at the Etihad Stadium, we feel we have found the perfect solution with O2 and Cisco," said Tom Glick, chief commercial & operating officer for Manchester City.

"Live games and concerts are highly enjoyable social events and we are delighted to be able to offer supporters a system that allows them to better utilise their own mobile devices when at the stadium."

Writing by Rik Henderson.
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