The Facebook Home launcher, available on Google Play for five devices, has surpassed 500,000 downloads nine days after its 12 April release.

Google doesn’t provide an exact download counter for apps on its marketplace. However, Benedict Evans noted on Twitter the Home app has left the 100,000 to 500,000 download range listed on Google Play and is now in the 500,000 to 1 million range.

The number of installations can in part be thanked by Facebook running a large amount of ads. The ads include a silly video boasting, "A boring business trip gets a lot less boring, when Facebook Home brings a guy's friends on the journey with him" and a number of text and image ads. But  the number seems low compared to Facebook's native app and Instagram for Android.

The low count could in part be because early reviewers on Google Play quickly noted problems of Home, giving the app a large amount of one-star reviews. They noted bugs, the app being the cause for bad battery, and overall limitations of the software.

Facebook will be opening up Home to more devices in the coming weeks that could potentially raise the download count quite substantially.