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(Pocket-lint) - Facebook Home is now available to download for those in the US, the first stage in Facebook’s assault on your Android smartphone.

Facebook’s Home app brings with it a Facebook first look to your existing smartphone, with support for devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X and One X+.

Facebook has already confirmed that it will be supporting new flagship devices like the HTC One and the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S4.

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When we met Facebook to talk about Home, a representative told us that the limited range of devices supported by the app was intentional, so that the experience worked the way it was supposed to. Wider support, including for tablets, will be coming in the future.


Speaking to Pocket-lint, Cory Ondrejka, director of mobile engineering at Facebook, explained: "What we said today was that the download would be available on the 12th in the US only, but that we are going to expand international as quickly as possible. That's mostly to give ourselves the ability to launch and catch any last bugs and problems in the product."

Sony, Huawei, and others have said that they will also be supporting Home in the future.

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The Home app takes over the homescreen of your Android phone, bringing updates from your Facebook friends so you can quickly keep up to date with all the action from the social network, posting comments and liking in a flash, with integration of Facebook Messenger too.

However, it’s a slightly superficial offering and in our detailed review of the Facebook Home app experience, we found that there was plenty we were left wanting. Visually, it’s a nice experience with some neat options, but you forsake some of those core aspects of Android, like flexibility and customisation in the process.

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In related news, the HTC First became available on AT&T today.

Do you plan on downloading Facebook Home?

Writing by Jake Smith.
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