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(Pocket-lint) - Facebook fans looking to get their hands on the new Facebook Home app for Android in the UK, or outside of the US for that matter, are likely to be able to do so very quickly, the social network has confirmed to Pocket-lint.

"What we said today was that the download would be available on the 12th in the US only, but that we are going to expand international as quickly as possible," explained Cory Ondrejka, director of mobile engineering at Facebook, in a phone call to Pocket-lint in response to our asking when the UK would get the new app. "That's mostly to give ourselves the ability to launch and catch any last bugs and problems in the product."


Ondrejka went on to confirm: "We expect the download to be available internationally very quickly. Days or a week, not weeks or months."

That's great news for those keen to have a play as long as they've got a supporting device.

Phones initially supported will be the Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S3 and the HTC One X, One X+, and the One. Facebook is planning monthly updates to its Home launcher, with increased handset compatibility each month as well as a raft of new features.

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"As we do more ongoing releases of Home we are going to keep testing on more devices to make it more broadly available," Ondrejka told Pocket-lint.

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"Rather than thinking about it in terms of spec we are just qualifying it in terms of individual devices, because we've found there are enough variants between Android devices that it is not always incredibly predictive to just go off the processor and memory. You really have to test on the device to see how the pieces put together perform."

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Sony, Huawei, and others have said that they will also be supporting Home in the future, however Ondrejka said Facebook had nothing to announce at this time as to when those devices would be getting the new "super-app".

We will keep you posted. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.
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