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(Pocket-lint) - Facebook announced that more than 250 million of its users are playing games on the social network monthly. Some quick maths tell us that figure is 20 per cent of Facebook's user base, which is certainly impressive. 

The news came from an announcement at the Game Developers Conference, where Facebook was happy to delve into some key statistics. According to Inside Facebook, the company revealed that 55 per cent of the top 400 iOS apps are integrated with Facebook and that the social network drove 263 million clicks to the App Store and Google Play. 

Game engagement on the platform is up a whopping 75 per cent year on year, according to Facebook. Facebook has 200 titles that are seeing more than one million monthly active users and 100 developers that generated more than $1 million from Facebook games in 2012. All that gaming activity lead to a $2 billion payout to developers last year. 


As TechCrunch notes, the percentage of Facebook users who are gaming has actually decreased since 2010, when around 50 per cent of users were logging gaming hours. This could be pointed back to Zynga decreasing its reliance on Facebook and working to drive gamers to its own gaming portal.

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Lastly, Facebook announced it plans to roll out a new game section to its new timeline, giving users a place to access their favorite titles quickly. 

Even with the slowdown in the percentage of users, Facebook is still cashing in quite nice from its gaming endeavours. We suspect the rate at which your relatives send you pesky game invites won't slow down any time soon.

Writing by Jake Smith.
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