Facebook plans to continue its mobile app regime, with yet another - this time focused on location. 

According to Bloomberg, Menlo Park-based Facebook is developing a mobile location tracking app, similar to Apple's Find My Friends.

The service would move past the company's current set of geo-location features, which include check-ins and geotagged posts, to allow users to track each others' location in the background. Of course, users would have to opt-in.

facebook suggested to launch friend finder app to compete with apple s find my friends image 2

Facebook's mobile product manager Peter Deng is said to be heading up the project which also includes team members of former Foursquare competitor Gowalla, which Facebook bought in 2011. 

Given Facebook's current stack of mobile apps which includes the native Facebook app, Messenger, Instagram, Facebook Pages Manager, Camera, and Snapchat-competitor Poke, location seems a very likely arena for the company.

The app is said to launch in mid-March, presumably on both the App Store and Google Play.