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(Pocket-lint) - Facebook has invited members of the press to a media event at its headquarters on January 15 to "see what we're building".

The event will follow the non-stop news flow of CES in Las Vegas, causing some to believe the company is hoping to disrupt the news coming out from the world's largest consumer electronics show.

Facebook doesn't offer any hints as to what may be unveiled, but it could be big because the company typically doesn't host large events at its headquarters.

In November Pocket-lint's sources revealed that a Facebook phone was in development, dubbed the HTC Opera UL.

Our source claimed: "It is the Facebook phone, made for Facebook." At the time, we were told the phone had "apparently been delayed".

Recent rumours have suggested that a Facebook handset is still in existence, but it is not yet clear if that is even remotely the subject matter of the press event. The company could just be announcing new web features, such as ramped-up search, or getting Zuckerberg to bore journalists with more details of Facebook's social graph. 

Facebook has been busy lately publishing several new features on Apple's App Store, all while adding users from around the world.

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In the past couple of months it has redeveloped its Android and Apple apps to be much, much faster.

A Snapchap competitor dubbed Poke was recently announced, which allows users to send silly photos to one another with a time limit. The company also added voice messages to its Facebook Messenger app and has added several features to Instagram in recent weeks.

Pocket-lint will be providing full coverage of the event. Stay tuned.

Writing by Jake Smith.