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(Pocket-lint) - Facebook's site-wide user governance vote has closed and with it the ability for users of the service to ever complain again.

In a move that will probably go completely unnoticed for most users, just like the vote, Facebook has opted to remove the ability of its users to vote for or against new features on the site, or the way the site works.


Setting the bar incredibly high, Facebook said that a third of the social networks 1 billion users would have to vote to keep voting apart of the site, and just like political general elections around the globe, the turnout was poor. Really poor.

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Of the 1,000,000, a paltry 650,000 users voted to have their say, with 589,141 of them voting against the decision. That's considerably less than the 300,000,000 that were needed.

No doubt that was Facebook's plan all along and now means it can get on with running the business like a bank rather than a building society having to ask users what they want first.

As to what happens next, Facebook is yet to say:

“The Facebook Site Governance vote is now closed. Thank you for your participation. We will be announcing the results and the next steps regarding the governance process shortly, so check back soon,” Facebook wrote on its governance page.

Supposedly one of the first steps is that Facebook will migrate Instagram’s servers over to Facebook’s own infrastructure. Ooh exciting. Can you see why so many didn't vote now?

Writing by Stuart Miles.