Windows Phone 8 has had a much faster uptake than Windows Phone 7, if Facebook is anything to go by.

Since launch, there have been more than four times the number of people using the social network via the WP8 app than there were using the WP7 version in an equivalent period last year. Figures show that since 1 October 2013, 657,000 monthly active users have accessed Facebook through the integrated application in Windows Phone 8. Fewer than 150,000 Windows Phone 7 monthly active users were registered in October/November 2012.

windows phone 8 doing considerably better than wp7 if you look at facebook active users image 2

At the end of November, during a company shareholder meeting, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said: "Windows Phones are so far selling at four times the rate of the same time last year." These figures would seem to back up that statement.

While Facebook figures merely show who's using Facebook, they are a clear indicator that more people are using Windows Phone 8 phones than were using the last generation, and that will more than likely reflect in sales too.

Pocket-lint will bring you more when definitive sales figures emerge, but - considering records state that almost 2.8 million Windows Phone 7 phones were sold in Q4 2011 - we fully expect Windows Phone 8 to hit around 10 million devices this year alone.