Facebook has added more new features to its iPhone, iPad and Android apps, this time allowing people to easily share stories quicker while on the go.

"You can now use the Share button on News Feed stories from your phone whether you're using the Facebook for Android app, the Facebook for iPhone and iPad app, or the Facebook mobile web site," said Aditya Koolwal from Facebook.   

The news means you'll be able to share stuff with your mates and family a lot quicker than you have until now and, rather than just hitting the Like button, you'll be able to repost the news to your own news feed quickly - in the same way many users "Quote" Twitter status updates they like from others.  

"This gives people a fast way to share stories with friends from their mobile phones, just as they can from their computers," adds Koolwal. "When you click Share on a news feed story in your Facebook app or on m-site, you can re-post the story on your own Timeline so your friends can see it."

In addition, Android users also get the ability to create an album from the Photos tab on Timeline, and improvements to photo tagging. Facebook has also said it has fixed an issue with the status update failure affecting some users.

iPhone and iPad users will get the ability to tag their friends in any post, comment on photos, have access to more smilies, hearts and such like in messages and now sort their feeds by tapping the button next to News Feed in the left sidebar.

You can get the new app for Android here and the iOS version here.