A jacket that syncs with your Facebook account and inflates - resembling a physical hug - each time you receive a "like" has gone on show.

The “Like-A-Hug” jacket aims to recreate that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you receive a like on a photo or update you post – come on don’t pretend you don’t care – only for real.

After you’ve posted a new update or photo to your Facebook account, each time one of your social network buddies clicks on the “like” button a signal is sent to your phone which in turn causes the jacket to inflate slightly. 

The sleeveless jacket was designed by Melissa Kit Chow, a student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston.

"The project was done as an exercise and exploration in shape display. We came up with the concept over a casual conversation about long-distance relationships and the limitations of video chat interfaces like Skype," she says.

"The concept of telepresence arose, and we toyed with the idea of receiving hugs via wireless technology. The result was Like-A-Hug.” 

The idea of merging the virtual world with actual physical interactions is an interesting concept and one, dare we say, we “like”.