Facebook users will soon be able to add their Dropbox files to their groups from within the social network.

It means Facebook groups will be able to share documents, schedules, videos and pictures with other group members by simply clicking the “add file” button. As with updates, photos and wall posts, any Dropbox files added to a group will be able to be "liked" and commented on. 

Should any adjustments or edits be made to a document, the whole group will be notified. Detailing it in its official blog, Dropbox cites a study group being able to share notes, or a sports team sharing a fixture list as just two examples of how the Facebook and Dropbox integration will be of benefit. 

The ability to share Dropbox files within a Facebook group is being rolled out now, but rather than a mass rollout, the process will be gradual - so keep an eye for it in your Facebook group.