Facebook has updated its iOS app for the iPad and iPhone, promising a huge increase in speed and performance as it ditches HTML 5 for native code.

The move, which has yet to trickle down to the Android version, means the 543 million monthly active users who used Facebook mobile products in June can now enjoy Facebook on their Apple device a lot quicker than before and without having to wait for pages to take ages to load.

"Facebook 5.0 for iOS is twice as fast as the previous version when launching the app, scrolling through news feed and opening photos in feed," Facebook told Pocket-lint.

The app, which has been completely rebuilt from the ground up, means it now opens much faster and your news feed and notifications load right when you open Facebook. Users should see photos opening a lot faster too.

If you've already got the Facebook app on your phone or tablet, you should notice that it is ready to update, next time you go in to the App Store.

A quick play on our iPhone in the office and the new app is certainly a lot faster. If you are a fan of Facebook on the go we would highly recommend downloading it or updating your current app - you will notice a difference.