Facebook has a new purpose other than posting drunken pictures of your mates or cyber-stalking your ex. From today you can view BBC’s live sports coverage as it is streamed through the social network.

The BBC Sport Facebook application will need to be downloaded from the Facebook app store, but once that’s been done, users will be able to watch the likes of Wimbledon and up to 24 streams of Olympic coverage. 

Of course, being Facebook, the viewing experience is a social one, with a real-time comments thread under each stream as well as your being able to chat about the action as it happens with your friends online. 

Furthermore, click the "Like" button on a stream and the feed you’re watching will be displayed via Facebook's news feeds so you’re online buddies will be able to see what you’re watching before joining you.

Though the app is currently only a beta version, from today users can stream up to seven different matches from Wimbledon, including that being shown by BBC TV channels.

The beta version of Facebook’s BBC Sports app can be downloaded by visiting https://apps.facebook.com/bbcsport.

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