Fans of Farmville and other Zynga titles will soon be able to play against friends on a multitude of devices and platforms, after the gaming developer unveiled its “Zynga with Friends” network.

The unified platform will enable gamers to play against each other via, Android and iOS devices, Facebook and Google+. Previously players had been limited to playing against one another on the same platform. 

While not unforeseen, the announcement by Zynga - which claims to have more than 290 million monthly users - could have interesting ramifications for Facebook, a platform to which the company had previously held close ties. 

Some are speculating that by introducing Zynga with Friends the social networking gaming developer is ultimately bypassing  Facebook and creating what in effect will be a social networking competitor, albeit one centred around gaming.

Zynga with Friends will enable gamers to chat, stream their activity, update statuses and communicate with fellow gamers. Zynga has also said that it will open up its API to third-party developers, so games could become even more interactive.

Zynga, which along with Farmville, is best known for Zynga Poker, City Ville and Words with Friends, announced its plans at the Zynga Unleashed event in San Francisco. Along with Zynga with Friends, there’s further good news for Farmville fans, with a sequel also announced at the developer’s event.

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