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(Pocket-lint) - Facebook is to become as much a key aspect of the iPhone as Twitter, with Apple announcing it will be heavily integrated into its new iOS 6 platform.

Embedded within the operating systems settings, users will be able to post photos, web pages from the Safari web browser and locations from the phone’s map. Apple says integration with more sources will occur over time. 

Siri fans will also be pleased that they will now be able to update their status as well as post messages to friends’ walls simply by dictating their words to their iPhone.

Other key changes concern Apple’s App Store. When you buy or download an app you will have the option to like that app via Facebook. This will in turn inform your Facebook friends what applications you are using and currently rate. 

There will also be more synching in terms of contacts, while any Facebook dates will automatically be added to your phone’s calendar. Receive any Facebook notifications and you’ll be able to respond directly from the message without having to go into Facebook.

Apple's iOS 6 update will be available on the iPhone 3GS and above.

Facebook will also be integrated with Apple's new Mountain Lion OS for its Mac computers.

What do you think of Facebook becoming more integral in iOS 6? Let us know.

Writing by Danny Brogan.