Facebook has launched its own “App Center” to highlight the best mobile apps to enjoy with Facebook.

The App Center - in reality is just a hub displaying cool apps - will “make it easier to find apps you can enjoy with friends" says Facebook, and feature popular apps such as Draw Something, Pinterest, and Nike+ GPS, plus new apps including Jetpack Joyride, Ghosts of Mistwood, and Ghost Recon Commander.

The idea is that the new hub will give you personalised recommendations, and let you browse the apps your friends use.

facebook app center wants you to discover more facebook friendly apps image 2

“It only lists high-quality apps, based on feedback from people who use the app,” adds Facebook.

Once you’ve found the app you are looking for, it spins you out and off to either the Apple App Store or Google Play to get the app in question.

So far App Center is highlighting more the 600 apps. It is available in the US straight away before being opened up to everyone else in the coming weeks.