SimCity has arrived on the social networking platform as Facebook users can create worlds among themselves, each controlling a different neighbourhood as mayor.

The EA classic has been rebranded SimCity Social for the Facebook platform and sees players build towns side by side before gradually becoming larger virtual worlds. 

Each player takes the role of mayor for their town as they deal with the usual array of crime sprees, out of control fire breakouts, pollution and various acts of god. 

simcity social arrives on facebook image 2

The social element comes into play as each city interacts with one another. As mayor you can choose how you want relations to be with your neighbours - in other words do you become best friends, or opt for the neighbour from hell role. How these relationships build will determine how successful your city becomes. 

Facebook users can visit the SimCity fan page now, where they will be kept posted as to when the game will become available.

Will you play SimCity Social on Facebook? We want to know.