Facebook is no longer recommending its members to use Google’s Chrome web browser when visiting the social networking site.

The company, which recently set its IPO share price, valuing itself at a whopping $104 billion, has replaced Google Chrome in its three recommended web browsers with Opera, the web browser Facebook is rumoured to be preparing to buy.

A source recently told Pocket-lint how Mark Zuckerberg was looking to purchase Opera to enable him to create a Facebook-centric browser and Opera's replacing Chrome as Facebook’s go-to web browser could be the first preliminary steps to such a takeover.

Opera joins Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer as the three web browsers Facebook suggests can “Improve Your Experience”, despite Google’s Chrome overtaking Internet Explorer as the most used browser by web surfers.

Of course Chrome and Apple’s own Safari web browser can still be used to visit Facebook, but there certainly doesn’t appear to be too much love lost between the social networking site and Google.

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