Facebook is testing a new design for its Timeline header, with overlayed text and a tidied up icon bar making more use of the space available.

Some users are already seeing changes to their Timelines, including TPM reporter Carl Franzen, although the redesign is not expected to be rolled out globally yet. In fact, the social network hasn't stated whether the lick of paint will actually be a permanent change at all. It may never make it beyond the testing phase.

The new design moves the user information up on to the Cover strap and, as the text is shown in white, it will restrict what type of picture a user can place up there. Anything too white or bright, and the text may never show up.

facebook tests new timeline design image 2

The current Facebook Timeline

Interestingly, and perhaps most impactful, it seems that "Likes" has been changed to "Favorites" (sic). If this is adopted for real, it'll certainly irk the couple who called their baby daughter Like after the thumbs-up icon last year.

Maybe they could have another baby and call it "Favorite"... Or "Plummeting share prices".

Do you have the new Timeline trial version? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below...