Adults are becoming less concerned about internet security and more concerned about joining the likes of Facebook, according to Ofcom. While the number of people with a Facebook profile has risen to 59 per cent, more than one in four admit that complete strangers can view personal information such as their date of birth or hometown.

Yet when it comes to entering credit card details online, it seems we remain scaredy cats. In 2005 only 2 per cent of those surveyed said they would be happy to enter their credit card details online. That number has only risen to 31 per cent  today.

This is despite the average user now surfing the net for around 15 hours a week, compared to 10 hours in 2005.

So the conclusion to this survey is, we might spend more time on the net, but we’re none the wiser to protecting ourselves when it comes to privacy concerns. That and the fact adults clearly don’t know best after all.

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