Karotz, the leporidae artist formerly known as Nabaztag, has friend requested a new feature - Facebook compatibility.

Although we think maker Violet's claim that Karotz is "the only Facebook hardware in the world" is a tad bold (what about the ubiquitous Facebook phones?) it is certainly the first time that we've come across a robot rabbit that can integrate with the social network.

If you're not familiar with the basics of Karotz, allow us to dangle you a carrot. Basically, it's a web connected desktop toy that hooks up with your Wi-Fi to read you the news, weather and so on from your RSS feeds as well relaying your emails or playing music.

And now, your Facebook messages, wall-posts and your buddies' updates too. What's more, it will also update your profile with text or audio if you tell it to, or post a picture using its built-in webcam.

"We are excited to launch the new Karotz smart rabbit which is compatible with Facebook, to allow people to interact both with their new companion and with their friends wherever they are," said Fabien Bardinet, CEO of Violet.

"Following the successful launch of Karotz in the US at CES this year, we are confident that it will also do very well in Europe as Karotz already has a strong fan base of people who like to keep in touch with their friends and family via social networking sites on a daily basis. 

"The concept behind Karotz is to make communicating with friends and sharing information both an interactive and fun experience."

Karotz, complete with Facebook features, is available in the UK now priced at £124.99. There are iOS and Android apps to control it, as well as a Facebook app coming soon.