Facebook has announced that it is overhauling its profile pages, and in the process adding a host of new features for you to enjoy and share.

The biggest news out of the annual Facebook conference, F8, is Facebook Timeline, a media feed that not only gives your profile a pretty makeover, making it more magazine like, but giving you a visual representation of your life on Facebook so far. As Facebook calls it, your "Social graph".

As part of the Timeline update, there will also be greater interaction with a number of apps, which will add detail to your stream in the form of new posts. This could include anything from listening to a certain music track, reading a certain story, or even viewing a painting on Facebook.

It's certainly an exciting platform for app developers to exploit. So, following the announcement, there are bound to be thousands of them adapting their apps or creating new ones to make the most of the new features available.

But who are the big players onside for day one? Here are the first wave of big apps coming to Europe that are Timeline friendly.

As you listen to music on Spotify, your Timeline will populate with the tracks you listen to, as well as your top albums, playlists and artists. That means your friends will be able to see what you are listening to and, in 5 years time, you’ll be able to remember the good old days listening to The Saturdays.

If Spotify isn’t your thing, you can opt for music service Deezer instead. Deezer has built a social music experience that makes it easy for people to share their taste in music with friends.

Through Facebook Platform, people can discover new music with their friends, making their online music experience more personal and relevant.

"Discover new movies based on what your friends are watching", claims the company who will allow you to show your friends how sophisticated you are when watching comedies, documentaries, foreign films and obscure indie films.

Discover new videos based on what your friends are watching so it’s easier to discover great virals (adverts, basically) and share them with friends.

People can add their favourite pieces of artwork from Artfinder to their Facebook profiles and connect with their friends around art online. People have controls over what and how they use "Artfinder" with their friends - they can turn this functionality off at any time in multiple places on Facebook and on Artfinder.

The one that historians are going to love. You will be able show people what you read in the Guardian by broadcasting the articles to your Timeline. Thankfully, if you are more akin to reading stories about drunk elks getting stuck in a tree rather than the latest political economic developments, you can hide stories or remove them altogether through your Activity Log.

Like the Guardian, The Independent is getting in on the social sharing news act too. Recently Read allows people on Facebook and on The Independent site to discover the articles their friends are reading. By opting into the Recently Read Facebook application on any article on The Independent site, articles that people have read will be posted to Facebook for their friends to discover and interact with in real time. People can control whhich articles become part of their profile directly from the application, and also on Facebook.

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