Facebook has incorporated Spotify directly into its news feed, adding music posts and play buttons to updates. 

The new Spotify functionality was announced by Facebook at the F8 developer conference. Music itself will be incorporated into a dedicated music dashboard and real-time ticker, that shows the tracks friends are playing. 

You can listen to songs simultaneously between friends and enjoy tracks using the standard free to listen model that Spotify employs. 

Spotify's Daniel Ek was on stage at the F8 conference to talk about the new functionality, revealing hopes that it will encourage people to start paying for tracks again. 

"Social discovery on Facebook means we are bringing people back to paying for music again” said Ek. 

A blog post on the Spotify website reveals more about the new Spotify service within Facebook. The streaming service has also produced a video to help users understand the new functionality, which comes as part of one of the most major redesigns for Facebook yet. 

Pocket-lint is currently awaiting some time with the new Spotify setup, check back soon to find out more. In the meantime why not take a look at the new Facebook Timeline, the social network's totally redesigned profile page. 

Update: Mixcloud and Deezer have also been incorporated directly into Facebook as an app. Both will contribute to the social music sharing experience, with Spotify acting as a foundation. 

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