The web is working itself into a frenzy, trying to second guess what the 52nd richest man in the world will announce over in California at the Facebook F8 developers conference.

And ignoring the almost confirmed Facebook Music service, and cutting the wheat from the chaff, we've come across an intriguing Gigaom report that suggests that the social network will be announcing some NFC features.

The report's sources are saying that "the company is going to make some sort of announcement around NFC technologies" and "the Places product will have some NFC elements built into it".

Now we're not expecting Facebook to get involved with wallet side of NFC (not yet, at least) but there could be some Facebook friending NFC tom-foolery coming down the line. We can imagine a scenario of meeting someone new and tapping your phones together to friend-up.

Or walking past a shop window, tapping your phone against a logo and being presented with the store's Facebook page - complete with location specific deals.

All will be revealed in a matter of hours - all eyes on San Francisco...