How's this for a mind blowing fact to start your Tuesday? Facebook hosts approximately 4 per cent of all the photographs ever taken.

That's 140 billion snaps, with 70 billion of those just from 2011, out of the estimated total of 3.5 trillion taken since French inventor Joseph Nicéphore Niépce took the first photograph back in 1826.

The numbers have been published by photo-sharing site 1000memories, whose incredible upload infographic shows the immense power and dominance Facebook has when it comes to hosting digital imagery.

It dwarfs the collection of the likes of Flickr and Instagram and even boasts a library over 10,000 times larger than the Library of Congress.

Wowsers indeed, and with 2.5 billion digital cameras in the world, and more than 750 million Facebook users, expect that dominance to grow.