Facebook could be set to launch new "read", "listened", "watched" and "want" buttons at its F8 developer conference in London. 

The new read, listened and watched buttons would be aimed at bringing more personal content to the fore on Facebook, making it easier for media to be shared and discovered by friends. 

Want will be a more commercial button which will act as an indicator for the products you are after. This button is planned on being launched sometime after the introduction of the new trio of social sharing buttons. 

TechCrunch cites a source not from within Facebook as revealing the buttons, so it is important to take these supposed new features with a pinch of salt.

One possible indicator of the launch is that the Poke button has now hidden away. This could be to reduce clutter and make space for Read, Listened and Watched links, then again it could be just brushing aside a function no one uses anymore. 

So what do all these new buttons mean for the now infinitely popular Facebook Like? We like to think it would offer a more personal and in-depth Facebook than Like already does. Of course there will be massive potential for advertisers, but also the possibility to make the social network more directly related to your interests.

The news feed will likely become populated with stories around actions and clicking of the new buttons. This means massive potential for advertisers to spread very targeted and segmented messages via friends.

According to Allthingsdigital, the motto set for the F8 conference is going to be "read, watch, listen". Looks like we could be seeing some new buttons to play with over the next few days.  

What we really want is the Facebook and Twitter friendship to get rolling. Being able to update our Twitter feed directly from within the big blue social network seems as logical as the wheel to us. It is currently live, but only partly, allowing Facebook pages to share updates and holding out on the individual for the time being. 

Whatever is announced, Thursday is going to be a busy day for Facebook fans and one which of course Pocket-lint will be attending. Check back then for whatever juicy nuggets Facebook decides to unveil. 

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