Facebook is adding Twitter integration into the social network, with an option for updating the micro-blogging service to be added "soon".

The admission comes buried deep within a developers' newsletter which outlines the new Subscribe feature of the site.

Regarding the Twitter inclusion, the newsletter reads:

Can I update my Twitter followers from Facebook?

Yes, soon you'll be able to update your Twitter account directly from Facebook. To get started:

1) Go to facebook.com/twitter

2) Link your profile or Page to your Twitter account

Once you link your accounts, your Twitter account will be updated every time you post a public update to Facebook.

A quick look at facebook.com/twitter shows us that the service is now live, but only for Facebook Pages. It allows the sharing of updates, links, photos, notes and events with your followers on Twitter, directly from your Facebook Page, and also lets you specify the kinds of things you want to share on both of the social platforms.

The Subscribe feature is a new addition that lets you share content from your personal profile with subscribers, and not just your friends. You don't, of course, have to share everything though - you can keep details of your drunken nights out for your friends only.

To allow people to subscribe to your profile, go to the Subscriptions Page and check the Allow Subscribers box.

You can then decide who can comment and what notifications you get and you can also track who's subscribing to you. To subscribe to others, simply click the Subscribe button if it appears on their page.