Facebook has announced a number of changes including the ability to share posts with select groups using a new inline drop-down menu.

Detailing the change, the social network released a statement saying:

"So perhaps you may want to share your family Christmas photos with your family but not your work friends; our inline controls make it simpler to do that with one click." You can also view your profile as a particular person.

Sound familiar? That's probably because it's got a distinct whiff of Google+ Circles. It's a welcome feature, that's for sure, but it's a few months out from being original.

Better news comes with the increased security options that have been added. No longer should you fear being the victim of some drunken Facebook tagging, you'll now have the opportunity, every time someone adds a tag to your photos or posts, to decide if it goes on your profile as well as a new Pending Posts feature which lets you approve any tags, posts and photos of you before hitting the social network sphere.

You'll also have the option of requesting that any content you don't approve of being removed, rather than just un-tagging yourself.

The changes are being rolled out in the next few days, all your current security settings should remain as they are.