The Beeb is going all out with its video on demand assault it seems. First there was the official International BBC iPlayer iPad app that hit the App Store, and now it's been revealed that the Stig, Clarkson, the big-haired chap and the annoying one who nearly died are heading to Facebook.

That's right Top Gear is landing on the social network, in a pay per view deal similar to the Dr Who one that was announced a while back.

Three episodes are up for grabs and 93p (or 15 Facebook Credits) will buy you access to them for a 48 hour period.

"Top Gear has amassed a huge following on Facebook with almost 14 million friends following the brand itself and the Stig," said the show's managing director, Adam Waddell.

"We're always looking at ways of adding value for the core fans of the show so it's entirely appropriate that we should be one of the first TV shows to make its premium content available via Facebook."

The BBC deal comes hot on the heels of Miramax, announcing that some of its movies would be available for 30 credits.