Google+ has obviously ruffled a few feathers over at the Facebook camp. Sean Ryan, Facebook's director of game partnerships spoke at an event last week about the similarities between the two social networks and gaming.

"Google has emulated aspects of our system, which is what they have the right to do," said Ryan. 

Games like Farmville encourage players to pay for in game items and play time, the networks then take a cut of the money spent. Rumours point to Facebook taking 30 per cent with Google + just 5. 

Ryan compared Google's social network gaming, which is set to include Zynga Poker and Angry Birds, to McDonald's attempts at selling premium coffee against Starbucks. 

"Google is at 5% because they don't have any users," Ryan explained. It is worth noting that McDonald's plans in fact proved very lucrative.

Gaming will likely become the new front that the social networks compete over as it has the power of attracting large numbers of new users. Given that Facebook has just about everyone who has access to the internet with a profile, Google+ is more an alternative than a sure bet. Most Google+ users aren't new to social networking, they are switching over. Social gaming however could attract a new sort of Google + user and create an alternative type of user which the new network could capitalize on. 

Zuckerberg is clearly worried about the 25 million users the new Google network has garnered, still it has a long way to go if it plans to match Facebook's 750 million. 

Google + or Facebook?